2020 was the year
remote working went mainstream.

For businesses, this meant navigating a new shift to a remote or hybrid work model. Entrepreneurs scrambled to build a remote-first approach from scratch, and digital nomads the world over found many of their planes grounded. Offices sat empty in cities around the globe, while those that have remained open have done so with a skeleton staff and strict hygiene rules in place. For many workers, the boundaries between home and work lives have blurred.

The State Of Work
aims to help listeners to find their place in the changing world of work.

We’ll speak to businesses and freelancers who’ve embraced a remote working culture, discover the best practices for remote working, and invite listeners to insightful conversations about the future of work.

Featuring organizations and individuals navigating there transformative times, our podcast guests will include business owners and leaders, psychologists, organisational change experts, independent contractors, and more!

Ready to rethink your 9-5?

Welcome to
The State Of Work

Meet your host and producer

Maddie Duke brings a broad perspective to The State Of Work, having worked as a freelancer, a remote employee, and an in-house employee at various stages across her 10 year career in marketing and communications. Currently a freelance writer, content creator, and musician, Maddie draws upon her own ideas and natural curiosity, as she guides guests through insightful discussions about the state of work.

Meet your producer

Our producer Fiona Laughton is a freelance writer, editor, and digital content producer based in Berlin. Fiona has been a remote-first advocate and freelancer for the last 7 years and produces branded media for a range of clients and agencies specializing in emerging technologies. 

The State of Work has been recorded remotely from Berlin using Squadcast and edited and mixed by Madeleine Duke using Ableton Live.
The podcast’s theme music was written and produced by Madeleine Duke and Mesut Gürsoy.